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    Post Victor Master Series - Your Experience with it

    I am trying to find some good shuttlecocks. These days (as most of you noticed) the shuttlecock overall quality seem to be going down. So, i need to re-evaluate and try to find a better brand and stick with it. So far I had bad experience with Aeroplan Black Label (may be a bad batch) but it seem to slow down after one game. I seem to have better luck with Victor. But they have these new Master series. I want to know your experience with these.

    I have bought them from I will get them in few weeks but I would like to know what do you guys think of them?

    Victor Master Ace

    Victor Master NO.1

    Victor Master NO.5

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    our club uses the master ace and master no.2, master ace costs more but is not much better than the master no.2, overall consistency and quality is about 7.5/10.

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