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    Default Please help identify this Yonex Arcsaber Z-Slash TH

    Bought it last year, from the ace sports at Bukit Dumbar(Penang Badminton centre, next to Nicol David international Squash center)

    Last time already checked it with the serial number which Avenger confirmed it to be a genuine. But when I kept on going to the Add One Sports at Bayan Baru to restring it, the owner,his wife and his children(even 10 year olds!) says my racket is a fake due to the feeling* and the vibrations which causes the racket to vibrate at the end of the handle where the Yonex logo and JAPAN words.Now I have doubts, Don't know whether to trust him or not, if he's lying to me, I will never go to his shop again! eventhough he is the nearest competitor to Beztech in whole Penang Island!!!

    Model: Yonex Acrsaber Z-Slash TH
    Shaft serial: 9946830
    Cone code: 010212SP
    Price: About RM899 ( Penang sells very expensive compared to others!)

    Some Pics:
    Name:  2012-05-21 15.55.09[1].jpg
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    Name:  2012-05-21 16.04.08[1].jpg
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Size:  44.9 KBName:  2012-05-21 15.55.32[1].jpg
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Size:  58.3 KBName:  2012-05-21 15.55.54[1].jpg
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Size:  33.3 KBName:  2012-05-21 15.56.39[1].jpg
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Size:  31.8 KBName:  2012-05-21 15.57.29[1].jpg
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Size:  36.5 KBName:  2012-05-21 15.58.07[1].jpg
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Size:  48.1 KBName:  2012-05-21 15.58.22[1].jpg
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Size:  80.3 KBName:  2012-05-21 15.58.50[1].jpg
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Size:  34.2 KBName:  2012-05-21 15.59.06[1].jpg
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Size:  33.8 KBName:  2012-05-21 15.59.29[1].jpg
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Size:  35.2 KBName:  2012-05-21 15.59.59[1].jpg
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Size:  59.1 KBName:  2012-05-21 16.01.35[1].jpg
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Size:  59.9 KBName:  2012-05-21 16.02.57[1].jpg
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Size:  43.8 KBName:  2012-05-21 16.03.50[1].jpg
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    My doubts are coming from the Grommets of the racket, it does not seems like solid plastic but rather like tubes?
    In addition, after stringing, the grommets become weird looking as shown in the pics.

    P.S sry for the bad pics due to the bad camera in my galaxy s 1

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    It looks original my friend, if in doubt, get another friends racquet and compare head to head? the gromments are meant to be like that once stringed....

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    It's a legit,my friend ,although i'm sorry that u've overpaid for it.But that's ok.At least u got urself a limited racket rite?Hahaha..well,i can tell it's a legit even before i saw the codes.Especially when i looked at the grommets.
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