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    Default London Zone 1-2: Minimum 6-court badminton venue

    hi all

    does anyone know of any venue(s) in London zones 1-2 that has at least 6 courts?

    my club is relocating (due to sports centre refurbishment) and we are struggling to find a new home that is suitable.

    so far we have found three venues - finsbury leisure centre (old st), sobell leisure centre (finsbury) and summer town sports centre (euston) but all three cannot accommodate our request for a 3-hour sunday block booking

    we are also happy to consider venues slightly further out (zone 3) if the transport link is good.

    any help and suggestions will be appreciated


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    Don't have any leads but just wanted to say good luck on finding what you need.
    It'll be Incredibly hard to find that number of courts free for a block booking anywhere unless it's a new facility.

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