<strong><em><span style="font-family: comic sans ms;">Hey guys, <br>i am an intermediate level player n i use ns100 racquet at the moment .. but may be because of my weak muscle strength i am not able to generate more power from the back-court and my clears don't reach beyond the mid-court of opponent ...plus i want to play some offencive play too ......<br>so dats d problem ... <br><br>i have tried votric 7 n mp 22 ... n finally going to buy a new racquet ... your valuable views on pros and cons of following racquets are most welcome and appreciated <br>1: MP 29 <br>2:MP 22<br>3:MP 23<br>4:voltric 7<br>5: any other racquet (similar budget </span></em></strong><img src="images/smilies/smile.gif" alt="" title="Smilie" smilieid="1" class="inlineimg" border="0">)<strong><em><span style="font-family:comic sans ms;"> u wud like to suggest given my current physical situation &gt;&gt; <br></span></em></strong>