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    Quote Originally Posted by ctjcad View Post
    Dear BCers,

    To celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games in London, BadmintonCentral is doing a special "BC t-shirt giveaway".
    So, for those who've missed the previous BC t-shirt giveaway event (in 2010 T&UC), we will hold another similar giveaway for the 2012 Olympics.
    We will start the sign-up list for the official "BC t-shirt giveaway".
    As of now, we don't have a quota limit as of now. We will produce whatever amt is needed.

    Please note : The free t-shirts are prioritized for those BCers who are planning to attend the 2012 Olympics in London or any European-based BCers

    The limited BC t-shirts giveaway will be available to those members who are planning to be @ the Olympics or the BC get-together. If there are extras, then they'll be available to those who will not be able to attend the 2012 Olympics but have friends who can pick it up or willing to provide shipping/courier cost.

    1. Limit (1) t-shirt per member.

    Here are the available sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL. If you have a specific European size, please mention it.
    T-shirt color will be Black (with BC logo design on front and back of the shirt).

    2. The deadline for the sign-up (free giveaways or special order) will be June 29, 2012. As will need a couple of weeks to produce them.

    3. Those who sign up will need to PM James (jamesd20) and give a contact info/no. so we can contact you once we have the t-shirt.[B]

    4. Distribution: The main distribution will be done during July 28 until August 05. For those who are requesting a special order but can't come to the 2012 Olympics and would like to pick up the t-shirts at a different time/place, please contact James(jamesd20).

    5. Please note, the free t-shirts are prioritized for those BCers who are planning to attend the 2012 Olympics in London or any European-based BCers.
    If anyone wants to give one to a friend (or hubby/wife/GF/BF), we only limit to 1 extra depending on availability. If there are leftovers, then we can arrange to distribute them.

    the 2012 BC t-shirt organizers for 2012 Olympics

    *Please see below photos of the limited edition BC t-shirt & BC's own lovely models who've received the BC t-shirts..

    just wondering if you have any leftovers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesd20 View Post
    I should have some spares.
    I've just seen this post! I'm in Canada with no funds to have been able to attend London, but I can find the dosh for postage of one of your fabulous teeshirts - if you have any left?

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