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    Default Few YY Cab rackets having 7mm thin shaft

    Dear All,

    Most of the top Yonex Ti, Iso, MP rackets like Ti 7, Ti 7 Light, Ti 10, MP88, MP99, Armortec 700/500, Iso Ti Swing Power, Iso 900, Slim 10, etc, are having 7mm slim shaft.

    However, it seems few, if any, Carbonex rackets are having thin shaft. To the best of my knowledge, only the long discontinued Boron 2, Cab 8dx (alumina head with 7mm thin shaft) and the still-existing Cab 21 are having thin shaft. Thus, in the Cab series, only Cab 21 is having thin shaft.

    Does it mean Yonex pay lesser and lesser development on the Cab series ? I really look forward to a new Cab racket with 7mm thin shaft coming up some day.

    Just my opinion.

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    Why change the CAB when the present design worked so well? Yonex is focused on the bottomline... meaning that they want to make new models to sell to the growing public. The CAB design has undergone so many changes over the years that I think Yonex wants to move in another direction-- MP-series. I just hope that they don't phase it out like they did with Ti-10.

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