Hi all!

This is the best badminton forum on the net!

Just an intro about myself: I was an intermediate player ... 15+ yrs back! Re-starting the game 'cos I need the exercise (and badminton has always been in my blood!).

I have been "lurking" in the forum for some time, reading the posts and threads (using Google search). Just recently joined the forum as a member. The info available here is very good!

Still using my 18-yr-old Prince 900 racquets (the ones with the Y-shaped throats). Had it re-strung with BG65 and BG66 at 20lbs. Planning to get a new racquet soon, after I get a few more sessions to 'get back my grove'.

(I'm eye-ing the Yonex Arcsaber 008 with BG66UM at 22lbs. It will soon be mine!)