This is what we provide for one who joins our badminton club:-
1. We provide bananas and energy drinks to those whom may need
2. We assist to provide pain relief spray if one should develop cramps
3. We use quality shuttlecocks and strictly restrict the total number of players which is 1 of our main principles.

Those who are keen for us to arrange session, please arrange your time to meet us make payment first

Please kindly be noted that our thread started on 1st July and we feel bad if may be going to disturb other regular group Sorry

Will there be any one being keen to join us Lower levels, beginners <--- those who have just picked up this sports are accepted

We would most probably host it from 11-2pm where most people would had most probably wake up already

We also assist others to book courts
We normally have a greater chance to get the courts because our hard disk is faster than most people and internet is fast too
Just by looking at our posting and one will know how good we are in securing courts at Bishan Sports hall and players to start

The common saying is, always easier to say then to doEmpty vessel make the most noiseLet's see if they can get the courts and players.

Booking of courts is not so easy as some may thought and many like to talk a lot but some had never do booking/ organising before
it is often organiser may make a lost if have not enough players to cover or no players turn up and also must bear the lost ourselves if shuttles purchased are not good

One would still need to pay irregardless the reason if should cancel last min/ no show with no replacement.
Please call directly @9105 5252 or email to make enquiries. No posting or PM. Thanks.