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    Default Any places where I can play in Indiana

    Hi I'm from sweden and I'm going to Indiana next year.
    I play quite alot in a badminton club here in Sweden.

    So my question is, are there any good clubs in Indiana you can play in?

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    Default You can play at Columbus, Indiana


    What part of Indiana are you moving to?

    We have an indoor fecility here at Columbus, IN and we play there twice a week. The facility is maintained by CERALAND Park ( We have a small group of players from China, India and Japan play at this facility.

    If you are moving near Bloomington, IN - Indiana University (IU) has a badminton club and they do play at the university facility.

    If you are moving near West Laffayet, IN - Purdue University should have their badminton program. Although I have not heard about it I am certain they will have a program.

    Another University town is Terra Haute, IN - Rose Hulman University and Indian State University (ISU). I have not played at Terra Haute, but have heard of the tournaments being organized there.

    Indianpolis, IN - should have some facility for badminton. Get in touch with the Midwest Badminton Association - and you will get more information.

    Do not worry, you will not miss badminton if you are Indiana.....


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