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    Question carlton racket advice

    Hi, I need to buy a new racket. I tried out two different rackets (owned by my friends)
    Yonex MP-30 and
    Carlton Airblade Graphite.

    MP-30 was bought two weeks ago and is widely available. But I did not like that racket.
    Carlton Airblade Graphite (premium graphite) was bought by my friend 2 years ago. (for around $60). I simply loved that racket. The smashes had power. The returns were good. The clears were good.

    There is no other model information on the racket
    It says Carlton Airblade Graphite on the shaft
    and premium graphite on the sides of the shaft
    The racket has a serial number on it TKB00....
    I can not find this model on any website. (there is nothing on carlton website other than "sorry, coming up soon").
    So a question for gurus here. What is the equivalent racket in today's carlton models? Anybody knows the specs on carlton airblade graphite racket? (weight, balance, length ..)

    I am looking at AirGear 900 and Airblade 500 Ti, Would they be similar to Carlton Airblade graphite?

    Thank you very much!

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    I think the equivalent would be a Carlton Airblade Lite, it is 86 g, headlight and quite powerful with an oval head shape. I have one, it costed 50 Cnd at Canadian Tire.

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