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    Default Yonex slim 10 in Malaysia

    I was excited when I found such old model on display brand new pre stringed. (with the new YY logo)

    Upon further inspection it has the correct style of yonex sunrise price sticker on the handle. (Anyone remember how much it was retailed back in the days) It stated RM400+

    It even has the PBSI logo on the cone with the correct colour (white spot on top right)
    (however I am not sure since when such logo appeared on sp racket)
    (as some thread said late 90's while slim 10 suppose to be a early 90's model)

    However the engrave serial code was not of the current system with SP as I forgot how to spot older system.

    Then there was a oval shaped hologram approx 1.5cm in diameter that I never come accross.

    Then came more confusion as the weight grip-grip size sticker is not in 2UG4 etc but with extra alphabet something like S2U-G4

    I googled and searched the forum for slim 10 pictures but nothing detail come out. (the colour scheme is correct but it has iso**** slim 10 SP painted on ;while none of the picture I found have SP painted on it.

    Would appreciate if anyone has genuine SP slim 10 to post picture of old hologram, U-G sticker, engraved code of that era.

    Sorry no picture as the display was behind counter and I only asked to view it with result of confusion on its authenticity which killed my interest to grab it.

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    new YY logo Slim 10? i have a feeling it is discontinued before they switched to the new logo. someone else might want to clarify that...


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