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    Default Carlton F2 Ti vs Mavis 350 vs Carlton T800 "Flight matters"

    So i am on my last box of Mavis 300's that came from japan, need to order some shuttles asap. There are three choices since i find Mavis 350 better than 300's and Mavis 2000's are MIA. I have heard a lot about how good Carlton is but have yet to play with them most people here play with Mavis 300 or 500.

    I can put in an order for either of these three but since its bulk "Min 10 Tube's" i need some advice. So are the Carltons any good compared to the likes of the Mavis 350 for practice?

    EDIT: Also while talking to one of my mates, she told me that the Carlton F2 Ti Medium is faster than the Mavis 300 Medium so does that mean since i play with Mavis 350 Medium i will have to get the F2 Ti Slow?
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