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..so i was there y;day, saw the afternoon matches..most of them are boring to be honest but saw a couple of interesting ones..Overall atmosphere was okay, a few chants here and there; pretty much a packed house..

- LD rules!'s fave, Mr. Ivanov played a wonderful game. Seemed like he was still carrying that momentum from the U.S. Open win. He was overall consistent and didn't make much mistakes. His length is definitely a big advantage, not so much for the killer jumpsmashes but in covering the court horizontally. For a guy as tall as him, his footwork and court coverage are not too shabby (although towards end of game 2, he did wrong-footed and nearly turned an ankle). There was a neat series of net exchanges vs. Hsu, with Mr. Ivanov winning at the end.
*I should have a short video clip, of this match, towards the end of his win soon..

- XD match between CHN's Chen Xu & Ma Jin vs. THA's Sudket & Saralee. It was a close affair, but definitely Ma Jin was the difference. Sudket tried his best to force a rubber game but it wasn't meant to be. Chen Xu has a bit of awkward stroke.

- MD match between THA vs. Poland. Unfortunate ending for the Poles, as Logozs just slipped and fell. I didn't really catch what happened, but i could hear him writhe in pain all the way up at my seat. Cwaliska also looked disappointed as he attended his partner. The THA pair turned it up in the 2nd game, as if they've found the weakness of the Polish doubles.
I've read a few posts regarding this THA pair and how they've suprised everyone. From what i saw, they really haven't impressed me yet. Perhaps they're still new to the circuit and a lot of pairs haven't played against them before...

- WS match between Yip PY vs. Sung JH. Seemed like Sung JH ran out of steam towards the end of the game, whilst Yip PY was still launching those jumpsmashes. Sung JH had a lead in the 2nd game, but just couldn't force a 3rd game.

- LD vs. Evans. Definitely a loud cheer for Evans as he entered. But LD was just playing around out there, giving some free pts. Quite a few close line calls, esp. the ones which fell in front of one of the ladies' linejudges; there's one call which the linejudge put her hands on her face as if to indicate she didnt' see. And there was another one which she changed the call from out to in, to the dismay of Evans.
* I should have video clips of entire 1st game and partial 2nd game soon..

- MD's USA vs. JPN. The U.S. pair gave it their all but just couldn't contain the constant attack by the younger, quicker & faster JPN player. Final swansong for Tony....hope he enjoys the rest of his stay in London (unless he has to fly back soon).

- CSC vs. Prutsch. CSC definitely was the better player.

- Evening match, saw LCW vs. Ville Lang on tv. LCW looked rusty out there in the 2nd game or probably needed more warm-ups..
Ivanov/Sozonov is definitely one of my favourite doubles combinations, as is Ivanov one of my favourite singles players. hopefully I'll see them on the circuit again soon!