I am Arnab,I am from Kolkata. I have been playing badminton in my society area since my childhood days. I love this game .On a forum like Badminton Central I'd call myself ameture. I am 23 years old now and want to continue my play. Please guide me .It is good to see an active dedicated forum like this where like minded people interact for professional & personal development. This game is very close to my heart and I'd love to know the nuances of this game from experts.
I work for 5 days in a week so SAT/SUN are 2 days when I can play. Being a total ameture player I'd love to play somewhere where I get opportunity to play and learn with the veterans . All suggestions are welcome....Kol. guys plz help me out 1
Do contact me , my ID : arnab_chatterjee@outlook.com .
Thanks & Regards.