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    Default Badminton in Worcester (England), Göttingen (Germany), Groningen (Netherlands).

    Hi everybody,

    I'm student from Lithuania academy of physical education and I want to go with Erasmus in another country. There is no possibility to go in Denmark (there badminton is like second religion) so I decided to go in Worcester (England), Göttingen (Germany), Groningen (Netherlands). But there is a problem. I don't know if there are any badminton clubs because I won't try to reach any country unless I know that there will be possibility to play and keep training. I'm 20 years old. Talking about badminton, I'm not beginner but also I'm not a professional. I hope that here are people from those towns or who know something necessary for me! )

    Thank you,

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    Hello Stasy,

    i lived in Göttingen so i can tell you there are some Clubs to play badminton. For example the ASC or the Skiklub 1956.

    And by the way i study physical education too and i know that the university in Göttingen has a pretty good reputation for physics.

    Greetings from Hanover

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