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    Default Babolat Tennis Shoes Recommended For Badminton?

    or any tennis shoes for that matter. i've used yonex badminton shoes as well as nike court shoes and addidas tennis shoes. just bought a new pair of babolat propulse 2 since it was on sale, almost half priced. anyway, since i haven't had a chance to play tennis for a few months now, i was wondering if you guys had any experience with wearing tennis shoes for badminton. i've used the addidas tennis shoes and it worked well. comfort was A+, just that the non-marking sole wasn't too grippy. with the babolat propulse it uses michelin rubber and by the touch, it felt grippy, but maybe because it is new as well. ankle support is great but i suspected that it might not allow me to be as agile because of the restriction on the ankles.

    if you've had any experience with tennis shoes playing badminton, or this specific shoe, feel free to comment and give suggestions

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    I wear the Babolat Propulse 3 (on my second pair). Liked the design so bought it, but playing with them on is also good. Never worn a proper badminton shoe before lol. Either runners or tennis shoes.

    Thinking of getting a proper pair of baddy shoes after the Propulse though.


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