Hi everyone, I'm Edmund. I'm currently working on a badminton documentary chronicling some of the early badminton heroes of the country. Especially the 1949 Thomas Cup team.

I've been trying to look for information about A. S. Samuel and his wife, Cecilia Samuel, who are both badminton champions during the 1930s-1940s (A. S. Samuel is the first-ever Malaysia/ Malaya Open champion, and I think, the first ever Malayan player to ever go to All-England)


Been finding more materials or photos of them, but I haven't had any luck. From what I know, the husband and wife team were alive up until the 1990s (based on an interview with 1949 Thomas Cup team member Ong Poh Lim) when A. S. Samuel was already in his 90s.

Would like to know whether anyone has any photos of them (that are not in the New Strait Times), or know what happened to them? Or whether anyone know anyone related to them etc.

(For some reason, it's been very challenging to find out anything about Selangor players of that era, like Chan Kon Leong, Yeoh Teck Chye and Lim Kee Foong, had an easier time finding and tracking down information from Penang and Singaporean players and their descendants)