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Surely the shuttles should be the correct speed no matter what standard the players play at.

And my point is that the rule takes player strength into account. It says "a player shall" when testing the shuttle, not "a league standard player shall" and in fact an early version of the rule stated "a player of average strength shall" which I took to mean average within that badminton setting. Now it states ANY player, so that sets the required weight of shuttle depending on the testers' abilities.

But I agree with Line & Length - the law is extremely subjective. It is common at the recreational level for a game to proceed involving players of very disparate standards, making shuttle speed selection impossible - and I deplore the loss of the word "average" in the law for that reason.

And please don't brush off "recreational" players as being unworthy of consideration.
Yes this is an interesting topic and I agree with line and length about how the club should be in agreement as to what shuttle speed to use. How you do this is up to you but it should follow the ruling set out by the BWF.

As for my comment about 'recreational and league standard players' I meant that if the players are playing in a sanctioned match / league / competition which follows the BWF rules then the shuttle speed needs to be tested using this rule. If the players are experienced enough and can reasonably hit the shuttle then they will be able to judge whether a shuttle is fast or not. It really isn't that much of an exact science and the shuttle should fly an approximate distance. Recreational players can play with a squash ball if they want as it is between themselves however their ability will not improve as it should if the correct speed of shuttle is not used.

Your idea would work if all players on the court were the same ability. I remember going to a club for the first time and using the shuttles that were provided by the club. I had to get used to them, adjust my technique and improve to match other players at the club. Imagine if I came along and said the shuttles were too slow because I couldn't clear to the back and all the other players could?

Once you get to an average / intermediate standard then performing this test isn't that hard.

May I add if you are going to start a debate then try not to be so sensitive with other peoples terminology etc. There is a wide range of users from all over the world with varying standards of English and ideas can get misunderstood.