Hello all

I need some help for choosing a racket for doubles. My skill is at club level, I play singles, men's doubles and mix.

Rackets I have used Armortec 150, Tantrum 300 (2 years), Li-ning n50, Yonex v80 4u, Li-ning n90 (very recent)

I recently broke 2 of my rackets N50 (went for a smash and snapped off at the base) and v80 (top of the handle snapped lose).

Just got 2 rackets tantrum for doubles, n90 for singles. I was looking at the victor range but not so popular in uk and more difficult buying them from here. I'm also on a tight budget because of those 2 broken rackets. (Prefer less than 100)

From reading the forums the Victor mx60 looks good, any ideas guys?


My play-style: All rounder bit more aggressive, prefer bit more power from the back with smashes. I Liked the tantrum but want bit more power in the smashes.