Hey guys so I know this has been posted a million times but I've looked and looked but know one seems to have a similar style/background as me. So here i go ...I started with a Yonex Carbonex 8000 light, and LOVED it but i grew too good for it in a sense and wanted more so I tired the Black knight Photon XL out something and u found it was way to much work and i couldn't get it to work and i really think the right racket for you is something that requires little work to make you happy using it...So after 8 months I changed to the Arcsaber Z-slash and I thought I loved it but really i just loved it in comparison to the Black knight so recently i came to the conclusion i have to find a racket that i love and will life for a long time...This leads me to the topic at hand... I picked up my friends Voltric 70 and i didn't play with it but for the moments it was in my hand it felt like heaven it remind me of my Carbonex which to this day I love...now i raise they are quite different but it was that feel that made me look at voltric series and never holding the voltric 80 is it better for me? I play a lot of singles and rarely doubles and i love dropping and nice clears but if opportunity arises then i want to be able to deliver and GOOD smash... I didn't like the z-slash because it was to changeling to hit the shuttle every time. I'm using 24 lbs string tension and i will be stating with it.i also know that the voltric series is head heavy (the 80 more so) but i played tennis for years and I'm very quick at moving my racket do i don't think this will be an issue will it? Thanks guys!