Hello everybody!
I am have been playing badminton since I was a child, however I never played on really high levels, so I guess I am still quiet a novice to all the technical aspects of the sport.

Last year I bought myself a Yonex Nanoray Z-Speed to replace the Nanospeed 500 that I had used for a lot of years.
One of the aspects I really love about the racket is the grip. But after about 8 months of use it started to show a small hole where my thumb rests on the racket. I decided to use a Yonex AC102EX Supergrap as an overgrip so I would not damage the original grip of the racket more than I already did. However, the Supergrap did not live for long. After a few weeks there already was a hole in it. Therefor I would love to buy the original grip again, so I can use that one as an overgrip.

Does anybody know where to buy this grip? It doesn't really matter where, as long as the store ships to The Netherlands. Or is there any grip that feels really similar to the stock grip of the Z-Speed?

This grip:

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Thanks in advance!