Here in England I have got hand on new yonex Voltric ZFII, 3U 4G, I use to play with my favourite Voltaic80, since I broke it last week I pick up this one, This racket visually represent mysterious and powerful feeling, The smaller head than VT80and stiffer shaft is immediately identifiable, and head heavier. It was factory strung with BG65, which is not My preference I use to play with victor VS850, further I couldn't play with it properly since I had bit of pain in my wrist, however I managed to have couple of game. And I can tell you It is mysterious it has got power waiting to be explored, I struggled with smaller head since mishitting on the frame, I m a heavy smasher but couldn't try smashes because of uncomfortable wrist, and when I tried few I felt the stiff shaft demand more work from wrist but produced sweet sound and speed. In defence Its produced far better result, it give me a confidence to stand against and return opponents smashes you can feel it, your racket is there to defend the smash regardless of the head weight balance. I have a feeling it is a powerful racket but need to work with it to exploit the power.