Hey this is my first post so be gentle haha!

My string has broken once again on my Carlton vapour trail ignite I was thinking of getting a replacement and was wandering what racquets are similar, I prefer yonex and Carlton!

I am a doubles player playing around the intermediate level (i think).im useless at racquets details.. Stiff, head heavy, what its made of ... It's a second language to me :/
this racquet must be defensive friendly and I LOVE SMASHING would a light racket too, nothing over 88g The VTI weights 86g, is a medium flex, head heavy and made from hm carbon. Looking to spend around 60 but can stretch a bit!
I looked at the voltric 1, it looks to be quite decent but it does sound like a low end racquet. So if anyone has used one before I'd love some opinions.

thanks in advance