Hi all, have been following the discussions in here about walkovers and players throwing matches. This happens simply because team managers look at the published draw for a tournament and think that they can work the system to get more points for 'lower' ranked players, so why dont we take that option away.

Rather then producing a set draw that lays out a progression from first round to finals, why not simply produce a draw for the first round only. Then when all games in that round have been completed, do a new draw for the second round.....and so on. The same as happens in footballs FA cup (and no doubt hundreds of other tournaments).

What ramifications would this have? OK players and coaches would not have as much time to prepare for future opponents and yes your top 2 seeds may well be drawn to play each other, but is that really any worse than what happened at the Olympics. It would certainly add to the workload of tournament organisers but surely a properly fought tournament is worth the extra effort.

Is this workable