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    I travel quite a bit in the region, and sometimes have an urge to play some badminton games in the places I visit, but dono where the actions are.

    I wonder if people here would be kind to contribute to the list of WW Playing Centres. With that, one only needs to check "local listing" to see if they can join one of the teams to exchange skills?

    The places I travel: HK, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, KL, Tokyo area, US west coatst (occationally).

    I play in Singapore, on Sunday mornings 8-10, in Bishan. Mobile phone 96355465

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    Hi, I'm a Singaporean going over to Beijing for the whole month, but so troubled where can I find group to play with. Preferrably mix-doubles ...
    If you are there, maybe we can get 2 more to start a doubles.

    Anyone know where I can join for a regular game or 2 ??

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