Hi all badminton lovers

I'm french and i will be in Nottingham for my work from Tuesday Nov 20th (i'll be arriving very late in the night) to Friday Nov 23th (i'll be leaving in the afternoon).

I'm practising in France twice or three times a week, i also play in tournaments. If you have A-B-C rankings (like in Canada), i am a B player.
Therefore, i'm actually looking for a badminton club where i could play on Wednesday Nov 21st night or Thursday Nov 22nd in the night.
I don't mind paying some fees for playing and i can also bring my own leather shuttlecocks .

I've been on nottsba.co.uk. It did not seem very clear for me :S

Could you indicate me a decent club for me for my venue in Nottingham ?

Many thanks in advance !

(don't hesitate to PM me )