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    Default folks who buy YY string reels, MADE IN JAPAN

    I just received 2 reels , ng98 and 66 Ultimax from SW, and on the labels with both "made in JAPAN" below big Yonex logo. are these the type of strings with JP code more supperior than other code like CH , TH, SP.....?
    some1 bought ealier without any country code on the label? why there's such variation?

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    SP, CH are also "Made in Japan" ... Made in Japan is not the same as JP code ... Those reels are EX/International code, like you can also find on mybadmintonstore website. Same as the strings sold in Canada ... and Taiwan (these EX are those "without code" you mention), so single packs can be bought at RKEP on eBay as well.

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    Bottom right corner: Made in Japan

    If you want to know if there is a difference I suggest you browse through this section. It has only been asked a dozen times before . Packaging is one difference. Casio watches have country codes as well ...
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