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    Quote Originally Posted by fathonezic View Post
    i think the name of International Challenge and International Series should be changed to Regional Challenge and Regional Series....

    Eagle is also right, if IC and IS are the same as Sea Games and Commonwealth etc, then, only certain countries can participate in IC and IS, oh sorry, forget that we have changed it to Regional Challenge and Regional Series

    another one, just like sea games, commonwealth etc, BWF should not give any point to level 4 tourney...

    oh... hmm... if IC & IS are the same as sea games, why so many differences ?? so curious
    i even have not consider many things like team event, no price money etc in sea games, commonwealth etc... and another thing again, why sea games etc are not listed in bwf level 4 tourneys ?? why so many differences ?? maybe i should go to school again ??
    Quote Originally Posted by eaglehelang View Post
    Fathonezic, we already complete the 'mission' of reaching 10 pages. Even the mod has commented sthing on the 'International' issue. So, I think we dont need waste our energy typing,it wouldnt be accepted. It was good for laughs while it lasted.

    We await for BWF to annouce IC become Regional or Continental Challenge and see if they will limit the countries participating,hahaha. At that time, will be hu ha cos countries not eligible will complain as they gain precious ranking points, not fair, etc. As I recall, this was main reason BWF wouldnt award points for Asian Games et al,not global enough.

    One interesting thing I noticed is Turkey can afford to send their player so far, come until Indonesia(2011 INA IC).
    how about tcs who won a few ic in europe?
    should bwf take away his title and award to the runner up because he isnt from europe region?
    player like lim fang yang and lee hock lai play in america ic/is
    while player like ng/ng,anita and tcs play in europe,so unfair huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheung View Post
    Of course not.

    But one thing that really puzzles me is why an International Challenge and regarded as such by the BWF is not regarded as being an International tournament by ibelieveindevil and why so dogmatic about it.
    You are wrong.. This thread already exceeds 10 pages and is in page 11 now.. Anyway, really fun to read all the comments and discussions here..

    I joined bc forum since Jul 2007 and read bc forum before that, now this is the place i gained a LOT of knowledge and information about INTERNATIONAL tournament
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