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    Also Thomas Cup 2002 semi final Indonesia v Denmark

    Score tied at 2-2 going into the final singles match between Marleve Mainaky and Kenneth Jonassen. The first game went 15-14 to Marleve, but I don't know who chose not to set.

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    Default Laws Of Badminton - Scoring System

    I was not too sure whether a player can "set" to one point, so I consulted the Law.

    Law 7 of the Laws of Badminton describes the Scoring System.

    Law 7.4 : If the score becomes 14-all (10-all in ladies' singles), the side which first scored 14 (10) shall exercise the choice in Law 7.4.1 or 7.4.2;

    Law 7.4.1 to continue the game to 15 (11) points, ie not to "set" the game; or

    Law 7.4.2 to "set" the game to 17 (13) points.

    So, strictly speaking, there is no such thing as "setting to one point". If you don't want to "set to 17 points" (here again, they didn't use three points as we will nornally do in social badminton), you merely choose not to 'set', and the game will continue to 15 points.

    So if the umpire were to ask the player or side as in doubles, whether to set when reaching 14 points first, the player should reply either "not to set" or "set to 17 points".

    IMO, setting is always a safer option. However, if you are very confident and if you feel that the server is weakening, then you may opt to set to 17 points. As some have said, by not setting, you may well "shock" your server opponent and he may be too traumatized to be able to execute a good serve. In opting not to set in doubles, it is better to do so when your opponent is the second server.

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