Hello, I’m Atul from Harrow, England.

I used to play badminton regularly for almost 1.5 years a few years back, playing every weekend for a few hours, enjoyed it immensely and would say that my level would be between beginner and intermediate. Now that I am getting close to 50, I want to get back into badminton for more exercise, as there are not many sports that I like to play, and hopefully will be able to find a local club in Harrow, that I will be able to join and play on a regular basis.

I still have pretty good touch and my feet remember how to move, but some of my arm strength would have gone and my timing could be better on some shots.

Since I am a beginner, I have 2 raquets – A Carlton Isoblade Graphite and a Tactic NamiBlade 8000 ( Yonex clone and slightly better than the Carlton).