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It's interesting because the definition of the "greatest player" is different between people. I personally see it from what the player achieves as well as the quality of their game. Others like GC choose to include their support for badminton as a sport across the world.

Speaking strictly from the quality of the game and achievements, I would say Lin Dan would be the greatest player hands down when considering how many world championships, 2 olympic gold medals, etc. he has won even though he may not have won as many of the smaller super series tournaments. He also holds a vastly superior H2H against LCW and has defeated LCW at almost all the big occasions.

If the greatest player were to include the support for the sport and maintaining the highest integrity, it would definitely make a much closer argument because of LD's walkovers and withdrawals (which I suspect were not always his choice, mind you).
interesting opinion by GC.

but do anyone agree if i said Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei maybe is one of the most anticipated badminton match for the last few years? i remember read somewhere that the number of people watching their match in LOG 2012 final was pretty amazing for a badminton match. also, would we see the same atmosphere inside the Wembley arena in WC 2011 and OG 2012, if the opponent across LCW's side is another player? (umm, maybe we will. but still must wait for some time to see if i'm right or wrong on this one. )

of course, there is no way to compare LD's (with all the WDNs and WOs) support to the sport to LCW's for what the datuk already do for all these years. but at least LD along with LCW already created a great rivalry that bring all those enthusiasm between their fans and badminton fans nearly every time they meet, the enthusiasm that rarely seen before in badminton i suppose? (sorry if i'm wrong on this ). and for this reason, i think LD already run his part to support badminton enough.

that 'little' support, along with his quality and attractiveness of playing, plus all his achievements, i personally think that all of those thing already enough to mention him as one of the greatest player too.