After 18 years few of us friends started playing badminton , ages range 35-40
All of us play with Wilson Championship Nylon Medium speed Shuttles and also we use Cheap rackets like Wilson Titanium Power usually on sale for $20-30

We are planning to buy Klipper USA badminton Stringer probably in a week or so

now I want to find out which one cheapest racket we should use , what string should we use at what tension we use ? (low on budget may be $30-50 at the most for Racket)

Style of play :
1. Drop shots / Smashes when needed / need a string which can clear the net easily with back hand shot

most of my friends are better than me they smasheshard but still I beat them coz of drop shots but coz my string i think its not good enough I often loose points if dont do drop shots ...............

I apologize for a long message (my first post on the forum)