Hey guys,

We are planning to start Malaysia Badminton Super League in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Which will be held somewhere
in August, after the World Championship in Guangzhou.

What do you all expect to watch from the league? It's a local club base tournament, Thomas Cup format. 3 singles and 2 doubles men's event.
Clubs areallowed to buy players such as Lin Dan, Taufik, Lee Yong Dae and etc.

There are 8 teams involved, BAM(Badminton Association of Malaysia) won't be sending a team. So clubs have the rights to buy BAM players.
The maximum limit of players of each team would be 15 players and inclusive of the maximum of 5 foreign players.

As for the rules, 2 under-23 years old Malaysian players has to be fielded in the starting 7. 1 in singles event and another 1 in doubles event.
As the foreign players, only a limit 3 players can play in the starting 7. 1 in singles and 1 in doubles, the third one can play either singles or doubles.

The total prize money would 1 Million Ringgit ( 330,000 USD). This prize money would be spread out evenly to teams, according to the results.
The clubs will play first in a league format where each club will play each other once, that is 7 games per club. Then the top 4 teams will play in the
knockout stage ( Semis and Finals). As for the formats which we are still exploring is to maybe cut the match shorter in terms of duration to 15 points scoring system (new format) and sudden death to 21 points, instead of the 21 points (sudden death to 30 points) for the league rounds then back to normal
scoring system during the knockout stage.

Would you prefer to watch 15 points scoring or the current format? What's your take on this?

If there's not many top players who plays in the league, would you still watch it? What other elements or things that you would like to see in
this league other than the badminton matches itself?

The main objective of the league, is to provide a platform for local clubs and badminton players to showcase their talent and give younger players the
exposure to play with top players around the world.

Please do let us know your opinions in terms of rules, format, prize money and etc.