i have played badminton since i was 11....i am now 28. About 4 years ago i suffered really badly with golfers elbow....it got to the point where i was taking painkillers before i was going on court to try and get me through games. I had physio and tried everything from the tennis elbow braces to changing my grip from small to large and then back to small to see if i could pinpoint the problem......nothing worked.....i eventually found out what my problem was.......i had changed my racket for an arcsaber 7 which was medium flex. My old racket was a stiff shaft and slightly heavier.....so i swapped to the voltric 80 which was heavier again but stiffer than the arc. Problem solved....i could play every night and no pain. I then changed to the nanospeed 8000 as the voltric was too slow to defend and attack in doubles and have played 2 years with that and no problems what so ever. I also noticed at the same time as gettign the pain that i had started gym (biceps curls) which i also think contributed to the problem