Hi there all you badminton players!

My name is Henry and I reside in Canada. I have been playing badminton for quite the number of years now, rec, and I am always trying to find ways to better myself. It goes without saying that I love badminton, duh but I actually needed some help.

I recent bought stuff from puppysports.com and when I say recently I mean Dec.24/2012 and they have not gotten back to me yet. Every time I send them an email it always bounces right back saying "inbox too full to receive anymore" or something like that. I am getting worried that the money I spent to them is gone into cyberspace and I will never see it again. My friends bought from them before so I thought they were ok, I mean nothing went wrong before.

Now my question! Does anyone have any RECENT experience with them? does anyone know how to actually get into contact with them?! did they belly up?! I have been worrying about this a lot, and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys!!!!!!