Hi Just to let you all know I offer a restringing service in the south yorkshire area, I am UKRSA qualified and play in the mens sheffield plastics league for wisewood.
I have a very powerful smash and after many times of breaking my own strings I decided to learn how to do the job myself. I live for the game of badminton and tennis and know how much a diference it makes to have your racket tuned to perfection with the right strings. I charge 15 for a badminton racket with yonex bg65ti fitted, I also repair broken rackets and sell ashaway products and their rackets are superb and in my opinion the best available. I use a wise 2086 electronic tensioning machine which gives consistant results.
So if you want a racket professionally restringing give me a bell on 07989894561 or 0114 2885314 you can also find me on yell.com under racket restringing services
Kind regards James