Badminton Club is looking for more members. It is a friendly club located near McCowan and Major Mackenzie. There are members of various levels and ages. Most are intermediates, few are beginner intermediates, and few are OBA D level. Currently we have 12 players for each day. We will take a maximum of 16 players for each day to ensure that everybody gets to play full 1.5 hours.

Mavis 300/350 birdies provided.

There are 2 separate sessions running from September 2013 through June 2014. Each session is 2 hours/week. There are approximately 35 playing days. The first session is every Tuesday. The second session is every Friday. There are 3 courts in this new gym. It is plastic/wood floor and is really easy on the knees.

Membership: $90 per session
Drop-ins: $5

Donald Cousens Public School
6-8pm Tuesdays
6-8pm Fridays

Contact Maggie at