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    Default Buying my first stringing machine and need to be able to do 30+ lbs

    As the title says I'm going to be buying my first stringing machine and need a lot of help. I've already read a good handful of threads on badminton central about stringing machines (mainly the sticky threads but also a few others)

    Anyways as the title says I need help on what I would need to buy to start stringing.

    So far What I understand is that I need a machine with 6 points for stringing past 30lbs.

    From what I read I would prefer to grab a drop weight machine but I'm not sure which model would be a good one stringing past 30lbs. suggestions?

    Unless you guys think badminton specific stringing machines overall much better I wouldn't mind getting a general purpose stringing machine for all racket sports (I play and have friends that play tennis and squash)

    Also which accessories do I need to string? from what I read It seems I need:
    - 2 hi qua clamps
    - 2 yonex clamps
    - string mover
    - badminton AWL

    Is there any I am missing?

    I live in Canada so most likely I'll be ordering from a US site.
    and I would like the budget for the total (machine + acessories) to fall in the $300-500 range unless you guys advise that I should spend more.

    I should probably note I'm mainly only gonna be stringing for myself, my brother and a few friends.

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    Have a look at a few stringing videos and see what they are using. If you have fixed clamps then the flying clamps aren't needed. I would also add a starting clamp and a decent pair of snips to your list.

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