I've been looking at buying some Li Ning Rackets. I just recently got back into badminton and would like to try something new out. The rackets I've been debating between are the 310Ti, WingStorm 660, and the Rocks N30II.

My play style in general is playing dropshots/slices along with lots of net game. I prefer and play more doubles than singles.

The debate comes in is that the 310Ti has a lower balance point than the WingStorm but less than the Rocks N30II and is also lighter than the Rocks but heavier than the WingStorm. How much of a difference does the a 10mm higher balance point make on a racket? Is there a way of making a racket feel more headlight by adding some extra weight somewhere on the racket?

I know none of this is going to make me a pro or anything I would just like to pick a racket that is best suited for my play style so if anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated.