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    Question Need help to build indoor badminton court

    Dear BC members,

    please advise me in constructing an indoor (3 courts) badminton building in Indonesia. Since the cheapest cost of building brick wall/concrete floor (no tile) is about IDR 1,700,000/m2, while the available land is 28 x 19 m2 and the minimum indoor height required is 7.5m or more is better, (pls if anyone have any knowledge in construction, by fill in the blank below)

    so, to cut off few extra money;

    i plan to build only 3m height of bricked-wall then the rest up to the ceiling use (.....??) to cut off the cost. But it must be light-weight (to lessen the pressure to foundation), durable and strong enough against constant hard downpour & strong wind since the building is gonna be constructed in an open space without any building around.

    Then for the court floor (no tile, only cement, rough surface), i should use (.....?) as first alternative or use (.....??) as second alternative. Shall i use vinyl badminton carpet, would it be durable to be put on the cement floor (with rough surface that enough to eat the shoes' rubber)? .....

    Should i create a pre-adjustment (square hole of .....?? cm) on the floor to put whatever alternative given above so that all the floor look flat?

    As for the net pole, i plan to create a hole on the floor (diameter of .....? cm, and depth of ......? cm) to insert the steel pole into it.

    Thank you for any advise.

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    hello dear,

    if you need badminton floor,pls contact me.

    our company are maily supply pvc sports floor for indoor sports court.

    best regards,


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