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    Default want to know the place and the partner to play

    Hi everyone

    I really love to play badminton but it is very difficult to find the place and the partner to play regularly.

    I work at Seoul National university hospital and my house is near Chongyangni station.

    If anyone know the place that near these two please let me know, and if we can go to play together even better. I am intermediate level. I can speak korean a little bit. Ed

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    If there is anyone on this forum in that area, they have yet to post anything about it. David did ask about that general area a few years ago and he had some luck with the gym I directed him to in this post.

    Feel free to browse the Japan/Korea forum and certainly the rest of that Seoul thread. I believe the only places where you'll find regular BC members are the clubs near the Seoul University main campus and the one near Shinchon Station. I'm way out in the burbs and rarely make it to Seoul to play. You're welcome to play out here but it's quite a hike.


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