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    Default Looking for decent player 18 or younger to practice singles in Burnaby

    So yeah, basically the deal is all my friends are playing doubles these days, and the people that do touch a bit on singles don't give me a big enough challenge. I'm looking for someone that can play well who's also looking for someone to practice some singles with. Location preferably at Bonsor Recreation Complex during on Friday and maybe Thursday teen drop-ins. These days, those drop-ins are becoming a little bit of a ghost town and I think it's the perfect opportunity to start playing singles a little more seriously again.

    I'd say my skill level is a low-level intermediate. I have pretty solid technique (can backhand clear, crosscourt net, jump smash if I'm in position), great fitness, decent footwork (I'm looking to improve especially in this area), and decent control (again, looking to improve here as well). I've never gotten any formal training, so if you're the kind that has done training for a considerable amount of time it's likely you'll beat me. I'm a guy as well, but don't mind girls if they can keep up in the rallies.

    Interested? Let me know THANKS.
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