Selling a Yehlex YX Triotec Woven 3800 in good condition. Only a few chips, factory strung (original) strings, and Yonex overgrip (can't remember what's underneath).
Selling for 65, prices slightly negotiable.
Not sure what spec it is but I assume it's standard UK one (3UG4 I think?)
Images in the link

In terms of trade, I only want a F9 (you will need to be able to prove it's genuine to me) for which I'll be happy to do my Yehlex+Carbonex 018CH+ a little topping up (not much because I'm skint ;3). I don't care if it's LTD or not, and although condition doesn't bother me hugely, I would prefer one in a better condition.
I don't have a full length case for the Carbonex, just a head cover


PM me for questions and negotiations please, thanks.