Safety is everyone number 1 concern, we can never be too careful. We can never assume anything because people can read and write, just like police will read your right before arresting someone every time. If your kid saying he or she is feeling hurt while playing any kind of sport, will a parent or teacher tells them to relax or stop or seeking medical advice. Be prudent, badminton is only a game after all. We can be passionate about badminton but everything has a limit. If some questions are not badminton related, ie, medical or legal matter, we should not force them into the badminton context. If this member comes back clean after consulting his doctor and asking the same question again, then we shall be very please voice our opinion. If anyone can determine this member pain is badminton related, then he or she is medical and badminton professional, a fee should be charged to this member, then a relationship is formed. This forum shall get a portion of this proceed. Thanks for reading this far.