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    Default Chinese Begin to Carry out "Training Plan 2008" For Beijing Olympics

    Xinhua Net Report, 19th Nov. (Liang Jinxiong)

    It's a fact no doubt that China National Badminton Team keep ahead all over world, however, head coach Li Yongbo said China would Begin to Carry out "Training Plan 2008" For Beijing Olympics 2008 from 2004.

    Li, before a reporter of Xinhua agency, announced:" From next year, national team will split players, who participate in international tournaments, into two parts, namely, one part for the Olympics 2004 and the others for the Olympics 2008."

    He said...
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    Can anyone provide a translation please?

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    Default translation...

    Xinhua News Network, Nov 19, reported by Liang Jinxiong

    Chinese Badminton Looking Forward to the Beijing Olympics;
    Putting Forth the "2008 Training Plan"

    It is an undisputable fact that the Chinese badminton team dominates the world badminton scene. However, the Chinese badminton chief coach Li Yongbo announced that, in view of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the Chinese badminton team will put in place a "2008 Training Plan".

    Replying to a telephone interview on Nov 19, Li Yongbo said, "Starting from next year, the Chinese badminton team would break their players into
    two groups, viz. those who will play in the Athens Olympics next year, and those who will play in the Beijing Olympics. There will be no overlap
    in the international tournaments that these two groups compete in."

    Those currently preparing for the Athens Olympics are mainly the first-stringers in the national team, said Li Yongbo. They will be competing mostly in the more prestigious badminton opens, in order to
    gain Olympic qualifying points and go that extra mile in the Olympics for glory and country.

    However, to get a pool of worldbeaters ready for the Beijing Olympics, the national team will selectively send young second-stringers to compete in lesser star rating, or even A grade, international tournaments.

    At present moment, the Chinese badminton team feels confident winning medals, even the Gold, for all five disciplines in the Athens Olympics. Li Yongbo is confident that the Chinese badminton team would bag the gold in women singles and women doubles, and feels that more gold medals are likely from men singles and mixed doubles, even though the competition is stiff in these two disciplines. Also, because of the rapid rise of the young Chinese pair Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng, Li Yongbo is harboring hopes of a gold in the men doubles --- something unthinkable for China until recently.

    Most encouragingly, some of the first-stringers playing in the Athens Olympics, most notably in the men singles and men doubles, will likely be able to play for China again in the Beijing Olympics.

    In contrast, the situation for women singles and mixed doubles is more worrying, as there appears to be no player in the squad capable of assuming
    pivotal positions in the national team, much less continue the Chinese dominance in these two disciplines. After the Athens Olympics next year,
    the Chinese badminton team, and fans of the sport, would have their sights trained on the successors of the four maidens of Chinese women singles (which I suppose refers to Zhang Ning, Gong Ruina, Zhou Mi and Xie Xinfang). Li Yongbo believes that his "2008 Training Plan" is the key to this problem of succession.

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