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    Default Review of Ashaway Pro-G shuttlecocks and comparison with Ashaway 450 blacks.

    Hello everyone,

    Back with another review of the Ashaway Pro-G shuttlecocks of which I managed to get from the club I play at. This will also be a comparison between the pro-g and the 450's.

    Off the bat, getting a feel for the feathers, the pro-g's feel a little smoother than the 450's, not sure how much this matters but as I'm new and as I said in my last post, I will post everything I find. Aesthetically the feathers on the Pro-G look better than the ones on the 450's coming straight from the tube as you can see (Pro-G on the left and 450's on the right).
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    Now overall flight wise having played with both, I would have to say that they both fly just as well as each other, which I honestly find quite surprising given the price difference. (Pro-G averages about 16-17 a tube whereas 450's are 13.40 a tube). But you have to take this into account the pro-gs are at speed 77 and the 450's are at speed 78. Cork wise, I'm not quite sure how to judge them but I believe the Pro-G looks more natural than the 450's. Hitting both shuttles, I'd have to say hitting the pro-g's are nicer than the 450's.
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    Durability wise, I'd have to say the 450's are on the same level or even better than the Pro-G's albeit I haven't played the 450's at same intensity of games as I do with the club I play at. (I will provide an update on this, when the time comes) For now though I will stick to my point. Once again surprising given that the 450's are a good 3 cheaper.

    Here's a picture of a used pro-g shuttle after 1 game.
    Name:  Picture 13.jpg
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    Now overall thoughts, weighing up the pro's and cons, I don't think the Pro-G's are worth getting them over the 450's especially given the price point of both shuttles. They both have their good points and bad points and all in all now it really rests up with the user's preference. But for me, I will be sticking to my 450's.

    Until next time, I hope you enjoyed this review.

    Happy smashing!
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