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    Hi Jonas,

    This is my first message in your forum. I'm very excited about this forum because you are answering questions from fans!!Congratulations for your victory in China Open and of course the world champion.

    Here is my question:

    How do you feel about Chinese Taipei open this year? It played in a quite small stadium,and there was aircon, but I hope it's OK for you. And it's a pity you and Lars lost in the semifinal. You had chances to make it in the third set, but.....
    So have you been anywhere around Taipei since all the players from Denmark didn't have matches on Sunday?


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    Default Taipei!!

    We didn´t have time to go around in Taipei so much.

    It was a shame in the semifinal, but it got very coincidental because there was a lot of wind in the hal. I think it was ok from the quarterfinal to play where we did, but first two days there was not enough room for all the players so it became very crowded where we sat.


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