im David, 17, from Munich, Germany and I play Badminton in a club (TSV Neubiberg, to be specific). Recently, I got really into reading up on Badminton, watching a ton of high level Badminton matches on Youtube and and playing up to 10 hours a week with 2 friends I got to know in the club.

Since this forum is pretty active and I love talking about everything Badminton related I joined. When I was around 15, I played in tournaments, like the Bavarian youth league qualifiers (U15) but I never got into the top rakings so I never qualified. Badminton back then was just a hobby for me and I wasnt interested in improving my play that much. This ambition degenerated over on year also, because I never got to play with players that were better than me (not be be egoistic!).

Now, that I quit playing computer games and realised what is good and important for me I had more free time and naturally got more and more into Badminton.

Sadly, I only have 2 people I usually play with and they dont want to invest that much time into training like me. I know that you can train well on your own but its not so enjoyable, imo.

Ill be writing in the health section in a bit cause I got a ton of questions in that subforum.

Thanks you guys for reading! Id be happy to play with some of you who live in Munich, too!