Bought the racquet last Sunday,Strung with Bg66 at 28lbs Tension,Tried it on Wednesday,initial reaction very head heavy..racquet feels really solid..Especially the head

Started with some Lobs..Felt really good..When smashing more powerful because of the head heavy balance and a few mishits due to the fact i change from a head heavy racquet(AT250) to a even balanced racquet(Dunlop Aerogel 6000) then to a head heavy(AT900) ..after a few minutes of using less mishits..

Game Time:
Imho,i find the control on this racquet is fantastic..could find the side lines whenever i smash(not to say that i'm pro)..Smashes seems to have more power..netplay just netplay isn't that good(need to concentrate on that during training)..defense is better compared to my previous racquets..

Thats my review on the Armortec 900 Power.Imho it's a good racquet.