Helo Badminton Kakis,

We're planning to host a 7 weeks league tournament for Men's Doubles.

The event will be opened for 8 teams, 2 courts, at least 2 games per session followed by social game. Each team consists of 2 main players + 1/2 reserve/backup if needed, however, only 2 players (per team) will get to play per session.

The league game will go thru TWO round, 1st round to play for category ranking, 2nd round will be splitted into 2 category of game play.

For those who has joined my previous competition games before might have some rough idea how's the game will be played.

Details of registration, fees, court rules, schedule, prizes, will be announced soon we have sufficient team player.

[Day & Venue Option]

(A)【TUE】09.00pm - 11.30pm @ Pioneer Badminton Academy, 1 Shamelin
(B)【WED】09.00pm - 11.30pm @ Pro One Badminton Centre, Cheras

If you and your badminton buddy is interested, please leave a message here with prefer option above. TQ.